Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to make the White Angry Bird

1st post for the year.
Last post for the Angry bird tutorial.
We are done with the yellow angry birdred angry bird, and of course the pigs.

Been busy with orders I have neglected posting.=(
Good thing I did'nt make a resolution to post more often.
But I have to.....gets the stress off me.

Let's get started.

Fondant colors needed :

Make an egg shape of your white fondant

Make the "feather" crown by rolling black fondant to a tear drop shape and flatten a bit.

Indent 3 lines.

Make the beak.

Make two small circle out of your yellow fondant and attach to the cheek together with the beak.

The eyes are just white fondant circles on top of the black ones.  Just make sure that the white circle is placed slightly above the black.

Then glue in place.

Prepare long eyelashes.=)

Attach on each eye.

 Prepare the eyeballs and place in the middle of each eye.

Poke a small hole on center top of its head and place the "feather" we made earlier.


Easy peasy.=)


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