Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to make the Yellow Angry Bird

Hi there.

Christmas is just around the corner.
Been busy with last minute Christmas shopping, planning and of course baking.=)

Took an Angry Birds hiatus to make way for the christmas themed cake and cupcakes.
Yet it still found its way back to my most ordered theme for celebrations.

But hey, you can make these birds Christmas-y by putting on Santa hats in place of the feathers on top of their heads.

It would look good on these yellow Angry Birds.=)

Lets begin.

Get your fondants ready.

Shape your yellow fondant into a triangle.

Roll a small ball of your white fondant and flatten.

Attach at the base of the triangular body.

Get another small amount of fondant and shape it to resemble the beak.

Make an indent in the middle and push the lower part in such a way that the upper beak is slightly longer than the lower portion.

Attach it to the middle of the white fondant glued previously.

To make the eyes, roll a a small piece of your white fondant into a ball, flatten and cut into two equal parts.

 Place each on top side of the beak like so...

Roll a same size ball of the yellow fondant to serve as its brows.

Attach each on top of the eyes.

For the eyeballs, you can either use edible black pen and draw them on or you can roll tiny pieces of your black fondant.  I did the latter.

Make the "feathers" on top of its head the same way as that of the Red Angry Bird (just that the "feathers" were tails for them)

Make 3 indents.

 Poke a small hole on top just big enough for the feathers to fit.

Insert.  And you're done!=)

Easy Peasy.=)

Decorate on top of your cake or cupcake.

Next post will be....the White Angry Birds.=)
In case you missed the other birds, check out the tutorial for the red angry bird here and the pigs here.

Enjoy the holidays!

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