Monday, November 28, 2011

How to make the Red Angry Bird

Hi there. ( Note to self : Is there anyone reading this blog at all? )

I am often asked how I make my angry birds.
So here is the first installment of the series of tutorials on how I do every one of them.

Let's start making the STAR of them all.
My favorite....the Red Angry Bird.

Get your fondant and tools ready.

Here are the colors you will need :

Roll your red fondant into 2 balls ( a big one for the body and a small one for the feathers which we will be putting on top of the bird's head )

Divide the small ball into 2 pieces and roll each piece into a tear drop shape.

Dab a small amount of water on one and put on top of the other.

Roll a small piece of white fondant.

And flatten ( I used the back of my cake scraper ) or better and easier to cut a circle from a rolled fondant using a round cutter.

Use the water to glue it on the bottom of the red fondant body.

To make the beak, roll orange fondant to a tear drop shape and gently pinch to form a triangle beak.

Indent a line into the beak.

Here's a better picture.=)

Glue beak in the middle.

 Make two small balls for the eyes and flatten.

Place on top of the beak.

You'll need to make dot size balls of black fondant to serve as the birds eyeballs.

Place in the middle of the eyes.

Make two small tear drop shaped black fondant for its eyebrows.

Position on top of the eyes.

For the feather on its back, shape black fondant like so and indent 3 small lines.

Poke a small hole on its back

And insert the feather there.

Lastly, place the red fondant feather on top of its head.

Tada! we're ready to place it on our cake and cupcakes.

Next....the Yellow Angry Birds.=)



  1. Hi, may I know what kind of fondant did you use? I want to try making this too:)

  2. Hi there. I used Bakel's Petinice ready made fondant and I just colored it with Americolor. But I know they have fondant in red already. Saves you time (and effort) kneading =), takes a lot of time getting the fondant to achieve the red color we are aiming for. Goodluck.=)

  3. do you also use bakels to cover your cakes? have you tried using marshmallow fondant?

  4. Yes, I cover my cakes using Bakels especially when I don't have time to make my own fondant. I do make my own at times because it tastes way better than the store bought kind.=)



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