Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to make pumpkin cake/cupcake topper tutorial

Hi there.

Reposting this tutorial.
I accidentally deleted this post while navigating around my blog. =(

This was my first tutorial so I had to post this again.

See the cute little pumpkins?

Sorry, these are much better.

Here is how I made them.

Let's start.

You will need the following fondant colors :

and these tools

I just use water to glue the pieces together.  Have a small cup of water and a brush on your side.

Roll a piece of your orange fondant to a ball and press the middle with the ball shaped end of your modeling tool.

With the pointed tip of your flat modeling tool, score lines very carefully starting from the center top all the way to the bottom center of the ball.  Indent as many ridges around but make sure each line are evenly spaced.

Take a small green fondant, roll into a ball, flatten and shape into an uneven square.
Glue on can try to make the edges of your square a little pointed to make it look better.=)

Poke a small hole in the center using a toothpick.  It should be large enough for the bottom of your stem to fit into.

Roll a small piece of brown fondant into a tear drop shape.

Insert into the hole and you're done.=)

I just made cut marks to the stems to achieve the "stem-like" look.

 Now they are ready to be placed on top of your cake.

 And cupcakes too....


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