Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to make the Pigs from the Angry Birds game


Life at work has been a roller coaster ride these past few weeks.
I have'nt found the time to blog.
It's been a while since my last post.
Glad to be posting again.=)

Been doing a lot of Angry Birds theme cake lately.
Yes, the war between them and their arch-nemesis, the Pigs, has spread to the cake world.

I'm supposed to share how I make my Angry birds but decided on sharing how I  make their rival pigs first.
We will be making 2 pigs, the "regular" pig and the one with the mustache too.=)

Sorry about the quality of my pictures though.

Lets start.

Again, do not forget to have water and your brush on the side to glue the pieces together.

You will need these fondant colors.

Roll just the right amount of green fondant ( depends on how big you want your pigs to be ) to an oblong shape.

Get a small piece of fondant ( for the nose ) and roll into an oblong shape as well.


Glue together.

Making the mustache :

Cut a small piece of orange fondant and roll like so.


Cut small vertical lines ( about 4 or 5 lines ).

Glue just under the nose.

Making the eyes :

Roll 2 small white fondant to a ball.


Glue to both side just above the nose.

your mustached pig

Roll a smaller ( dot size ) black fondant to serve as the eyeball.  Or you can use an edible black marker if you wish ( its a lot easier I think...)

Glue like so...
You can actually place it on the left or right side to make it look like it's looking at something from there.

Or try placing the eyeballs on top or bottom like it's looking up or down.=)

Placing the nostrils :

Roll small pieces of black fondant.

Mark the spot where you want to place the nostrils.

And attach it there...

The ears :

Shape green fondant like so...

Roll black fondant into 2 tiny balls.

Glue it in the middle of the ears and press lightly to flatten it onto the ears.

Back to the pig, poke two small holes on top of its head where the ears are to be inserted.

There you have it.....the green pigs!

They're ready to be toppled by the Angry Birds ( now you know which side I'm on )....

Looking ready to steal the birds unhatched egg....

Hope I was of help.

Up next, the Red Angry Bird tutorial.


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