Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My first fondant figures

Last year, my good friend Gina asked me to do a baptismal cake for her sister.

Gina & I
Though I made a couple of cupcakes with the same theme for an office mate, I haven't made a cake with a baby topper yet.
I was thrilled to do something for the first time.

Got the idea from a photo I found in Flickr........a baby and a teddy bear.

I guess in my excitement, I molded the bear slightly bigger than the baby.=)
Uhmm.....we have life size cuddly teddy bears for kids, don't we?

Nevertheless, I deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. **wink** ( Love your own, Dianne )

Come November, Gina asked me once more to make the cake for the baptismal of my goddaughter.

Hagi Neona

Is'nt she cute?=)
Her sister Hana is just as adorable.

Hanabene Gray
So I'm cool with the baby figure, I've made it before.
But I wanted to place a little fondant figure to resemble Hana too.
Another first for me.....again.

Here's the final outcome.

It came out nice but I could have done better. ( That's me being too hard on myself. )
Oh well, there's always a first time for everything.
Every cake is a lesson.

**Gina never knew....but i bet she does....now.=)


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  1. Cute baby with the oversized hair bow, unique name. Nice cakes too



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