Sunday, February 5, 2012

When a door closes....

It's one of those days.
Do you ever have moments when you just stare at something for what seem like the longest time and your life just flashes back right before your eyes?

I look back at my life - the lessons I learned from mistakes of the past and how close I am to my life dreams today.
And I feel so grateful for the countless blessings I have and am still receiving.=)

One of which is this passion of mine for baking.
Some would think that it was crazy to ditch my corporate job to bake cupcakes and decorate cakes.
But it's never too late to pursue a dream - no matter what age or circumstance.

10 years service award, but I left on my 11th year
But I've no REGRETS.=)
Imagine having the time to still fulfill the desire of my heart.
Something I enjoy doing and adds meaning to my life......

........and others too.=)

Yes, I walked away from a lucrative career.
Moved out of my comfort zone.

But I found my passion.
And what's great about it?

I am doing what I love and still make a living!=)  



  1. Goodluck!
    I enjoy reading your tutorials!

  2. I am so happy for you partner! Goodluck and more power to your new passion. I am confident that you will become successful on this field because you love what you are doing. Stay happy =)





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