Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Make Minnie Mouse Topper

Aside from Hello Kitty, the most number of cake inquiries I get are either of Mickey or Minnie Mouse.
The first time I made a Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme , I just eyeballed everything.

Mickey looked like it was going to fall and Pluto didn't look like Pluto at all.=)

I was almost sure Mickey would tire of his position and eventually lie down. haha
 I was just starting then - no formal training at all - just playing around, trying out stuff I can do with fondant.
Now I am more confident with all the articles, tutorials, blogs I read on the world wide web - thank God for internet!=)

Just recently I was asked to do a Minnie Mouse theme cake and I figured, why not make a tutorial on how I made the topper.

***Sorry for the poor quality of the images, it was hard having to take pictures of every step I did.

So here goes.....

1.  Fondant colors you will need.
2. Legs and shoes
3. Body
  4. Arms
5. Head/Face

6.  Eyes - this part I am not quite satisfied.  If I would do this again, I'd straighten the bottom part of the eyes, lower the eyeballs a little more and attach the whole thing (eyes a teeny bit closer to each other ) just above the nose. ( Get it?...good )
Minnie looked surprised here....tsk, tsk,,,eyes too round and far from each other.
So there....but without the ribbon, it might be mistaken for Mickey ( wearing Minnie's dress ).

Next time I'll post a tutorial on how to make ribbon/bows.=)


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