Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Kitty cakes

Who can't resist Hello Kitty?
It has been a favorite among little girls for so many years.

I have had a lot of inquiries on Hello Kitty cakes and have made quite a few.
I must say it was one of the easiest cake to make - with or without a cutter.

Here's the first Hello Kitty cake I made.

Told you it was easy!.....I did'nt need a cutter for this one.=)
Lucky me the client wanted a non-edible topper.......and that was the hard part - finding the perfect Hello Kitty head.

Thanks to my friend Globelle and the ever reliable Clem who kept me company throughout my search, we finally found one.

I won't tell where Partner and you can guess why.=)
 And it was perfect!

Then a lot of other cakes followed after that......

All these were hand molded.  As of this writing I have never purchased a cutter for myself.

Who's going to Japan? Please buy me one.=) Just kidding.
I know just where to find it, in fact I'm heading there now.......


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