Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our dear Sofia...

Yes, she's our dear Sofia - everyone's favorite Ate.=)
And she turns 11 today.

Not many are aware, I am a stepmother to a bubbly 11 year old.

Happy Birthday Sofia!
Her family is now based in Prince Albert, Canada.

She came last month to stay for the summer and have left already. **sniff** **sniff**
But we were fortunate to be able to spend more than a month doing a lot of things together.
A lot of firsts in it actually.......for me.

First dine out with both our families together

 And a lot of.....

I promised Ian that I would limit cake orders for this month to give time for her.
But this one cake order from my high school friend Fria was an exception.

Toy Story cake theme
I remember her comment very well. " Tita, it's a cowboy in Woody's costume"..........haha
Thank you Sofia for going with me when I delivered the cake.=)

Of course, vacation would'nt be complete without the Chickenjoy she so craves for.

 Whew!  Looking back, you have made this summer very memorable.

The family left for Canada last May 13 - our wedding anniversary.
It was sad to have to say goodbye to our dear Sofia at the airport....

BUT the way I see it, we were blessed to have spent our Anniversary day with her.=)

Not only that, I was able to make her a cake for her birthday/send off party with family and relatives.

So there.  It was all fun, fun, fun.=)

Happy Birthday to a beautiful, bright, funny, smart, kind, cool, wonderful and amazing girl.
You could do anything you ever wanted to do in your life.  Just stay focused and grow in prayer.

Your life will be as sweet for you as you have made it for us.
Dada and I will miss you Sofia.
I love you and care so much about you.

 2014 is not that long..........hopefully we will see each other sooner than that. **wink**

Oh, I almost forgot.  Her mom makes VERY GOOD cheesecake.


Maybe I could borrow her recipe and blog about it on my next post.

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