Sunday, October 23, 2011

Too cute to spook...

Last week, I got an order to make a cake and 60 cupcakes for a corporate halloween party.

Good thing the kitchen's up and running.....ready to bake a SPOOKtacular cake!

I'm getting into the "spirit" of halloween.=)

Coming up with a good concept for the cake and cuppies was quite easy as there are a lot of sites that have great ideas.

Here's what I came up with....

The tombstone and sprung hand idea I got from the "Plants vs Zombies" game.

Ian ( who's starting to like molding fondant ) did the cake side with his idea of the city at night.

I love how it turned out....too cute to spook ( hence the post title )

The cuppies...

Guess who else graced the party?
The Angry Birds!=)

Boy, they are really loved!  Young and old alike go gaga over these cute birds.=)
It's not surprising that the client wanted half of the cupcake order in angry birds theme.
Made so many of them that I lost count already.
Maybe I'll make a post about them next time.

All in all, it was a fun experience creating the Halloween cake and cupcakes.....I learned to make some of the toppers on my own.
Not to mention that Ian was there to help out.

We've so many things to learn and so many things to share.
So I'm sharing a tutorial on how to make the cute little pumpkins on my next post. ( Hopefully I get to post it before Halloween )


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  1. Hi!
    Hope you can post a tutorial on how to put icing on the cupcakes!
    Yours looks perfect!



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