Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pink and Gold Dessert Table

I'm back in the blogosphere.  Have been on hiatus since forever, I guess.
But I'm turning over a new leaf.=)

1st blog post for the 1st month of a new year.
It seems very fitting to post the 1st dessert buffet table I made.

A few days right before Christmas, I was commissioned to do a baptismal theme in pink and gold motif.  My brain was packed with lots of ideas since I was given a freehand on the design.

I have started making cake pops and marshmallow pops then.
This was the perfect avenue to showcase my creations.

Enjoy the pictures!

I threw in strawberry gummy candies and Hershey kisses with "thank you" sticker printables made by my cousin Vanessa, which I paintstakingly sticked at the bottom of each chocolate kiss.

These were last minute inclusion to the menu.  There were still a lot of cake scraps ( the domed top sliced off the cake ), I figured "Why not make an ice cream cone cupcake?"

It was tiring having to prepare a lot of things for the party.  But when all the goodies were gone, I was beaming with joy.=)

I deserve a pat on the back..........or a massage would be better. **wink**

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